Workers Compensation Solicitor in Perth

Workers Compensation Solicitor in Perth

Dealing with the oftentimes overwhelming worker’s compensation system while suffering from a work-related injury or illness can be physically and emotionally trying. It’s not uncommon for injured workers to feel alone, defeated, and hopeless while trying to get benefits through Western Australia’s workers compensation system, WorkCover. Injured workers may find the system unfavorable to them and difficult to navigate.

Why face the challenging workers compensation system alone when an ethical workers’ compensation lawyer at Perth Compensation Lawyer Group can be your personal advocate. An experienced worker’s compensation solicitor in our group will guide you through every step of the claims process and fight for a fair claim settlement.

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Perth

After sustaining an injury or illness at work, one of the most important steps of the claims process is to obtain a medical certificate. The state requires all injured employees to file a workers compensation claim form and a medical certificate. Without a medical certificate, the claims process is not valid.

What type of information should be on a medical certificate? A medical certificate filled out by your doctor or attending physician should describe how the injury was sustained, and the extent and type of injury. Once a medical certificate has been obtained, you must submit it to your employer (along with a WorkCover claim form) within 30 days of acquiring the injury.

Workers Compensation Solicitors in Perth

Once the claim and medical certificate have been submitted, your employer has five days to submit the paperwork to their insurance carrier. If your employer followed protocol, you should receive a letter from the insurance carrier stating they have received, denied or held the claim. If the insurance carrier does not make a decision regarding your claim within 14 days of receiving the paperwork, the insurance carrier may be required to make weekly benefit payments to you.

Are you unsure if your employer submitted your paperwork to their insurance carrier? Are you still waiting for a letter from the insurance carrier stating if your case was received, denied or held? You should not wait to speak to an aggressive workers’ compensation solicitor at Perth Compensation Lawyer Group. They won’t waste any time getting to the bottom of the issue and can get your claim back on track.

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Perth

The skilled workers’ compensation lawyers at Compensation Lawyer Group in Perth have obtained various types of benefits for injured or sick workers. Examples of the types of benefits they have recovered for clients, include:

  • Medical costs (e.g. ambulance, surgery, hospital stays)
  • Rehabilitation bills
  • Travel expenses (going to and from doctor)
  • Psychological therapy
  • Lost earnings

Individuals who have suffered a permanent disability or impairment may be entitled to lump sum benefits. The amount awarded to permanently disabled or impaired employees is based on the percentage of impairment outlined by the Prescribed Amount.

Workers’ Compensation Solicitor in Perth

The compassionate workers’ compensation solicitors at Perth Compensation Lawyer Group talk to people every day that didn’t get the legal help they needed because they were intimidated or got bad advice from an insurance company. Please don’t make the same mistake. Call our law group today at +61 8 636 50443 and a friendly member of our staff will schedule you a free consultation to speak privately with a dedicated workers compensation lawyer in our group. They can put your mind at ease and quickly alleviate the stresses associated with a WorkCover claim. You won’t even have to worry about paying legal fees until your claim is successfully settled!